How do I convert Betaflight Rates to Actual Rates?

How do I convert Betaflight Rates to Actual Rates?

Have you ever wondered how you can convert your existing Betaflight Rates into Actual Rates? If so, I have the answer here!

  1. First, you open this web application.
  2. Now you transfer your Betaflight Rates from one channel (i.e. roll, pitch or yaw) to the area marked in red (see picture below). The blue curve has now the shape of Betaflight Rates.
  3. Move the three sliders in the green marked area (see picture below) until the green curve comes to lie more or less exactly above the blue one.
  4. When that’s done, you can use the values of the channel in Betaflight and repeat everything for the other two channels.

Finished! So you can easily transform the values from one system into the other.

P.S: The rates in the two screenshots result in the same curve and can be used to try out.

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