Create OpenTX Sounds yourself? That’s the way it goes!

Create OpenTX Sounds yourself? That’s the way it goes!

Have you ever wondered how to create OpenTX Sounds for your spark yourself (by the way, goes for all OpenTX remote controls)? This is done very easily and quickly if you have the right links. Ok, let’s go:

  1. First, the mp3 audio files are created with a “text-to-speech” generator. These are available in many versions. I used this one:
  2. Now you enter your text in the big field, which the spark should play later. The language must then match the output language in the drop-down menu at the bottom. Tip: Try different “people”. Not everyone sounds good.
  3. Listen to the text. If you are satisfied, you can download it as mp3.
  1. If you are satisfied with the created mp3 file, you can continue here to convert your file to a wav file.
  2. Before you upload the file, you must set the following under “Optional Settings”:
    Mono, 32000Hz, 16 Bit, PCM
  3. Now you can drag-and-drop to slide your mp3 file into the green area and click on “Start conversion”.
  1. Now you have the wav file with the text. Now the whole thing has to be on your spark.
  2. Give your wav file a name to find it again.
    Attention very important: no special characters, spaces, uppercase letters and a maximum of 6 characters
  3. Now you can plug the SD card of your remote control or the cable of your spark into your PC so that you can see the contents of the SD card.
  4. Under SOUNDS/ [Sprachkürzel] / you will find all sounds that can be played by your spark. Move the newly created wav file to this folder.
  5. Finished! Now you can use the audio file in your OpenTX radio.

Have fun!

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